Google and Samsung announce when they are going to announce their new announcements

Google and Samsung announce when they are going to announce their new announcements

I’m getting lazy in my old age, so rather than write two separate news pieces about this, I thought I’d combine it.

Both Samsung and Google have announced when they will announce their new phones. For Samsung, that means the Galaxy Fold6 and Galaxy Flip6 and probably the new Galaxy Watch7 family.

For Google, it’s undoubtedly going to show off the Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro, with maybe a Pixel Watch 3, maybe a Pixel Fold 2 and maybe a Pixel Buds Pro 2 thrown in the mix.

These are undoubtedly devices set to shoot to the top of the list of best phones in Australia, so it’s worth considering if you’re thinking about a mobile upgrade.

Samsung Unpacked: 10 July

Galaxy Unpacked invite image

Samsung’s event will be Samsung Unpacked, this time taking place from Paris (in the weeks leading up to this year’s Olympic Games, no less).

Samsung is leaning into the Galaxy AI features again, which is disappointing but also to be expected as the AI hype train hasn’t yet arrived at common sense station.

If you want to watch along (and who doesn’t?), Samsung will be streaming the event live from its website beginning at 11pm AEST.

Made by Google: 13 August

A bit further away is Google’s Made by Google event, which again promises to jam copious amounts of AI down our throats.

Normally Google unveils its Pixel events around October, so it’s interesting to see the company bring it forward, maybe to differentiate itself from Apple’s release schedule.

You’ll be able to stream this one on the Made by Google YouTube channel, which will happen in the early hours of the morning on 14 August for us in Australia. I’m not sure on the exact time just yet, but I still have a couple of months to work that out.