Tineco's FLOOR ONE Stretch S6 can finally clean under my bed

Tineco's FLOOR ONE Stretch S6 can finally clean under my bed

Tineco’s range of floor washers typically do a pretty good job of cleaning your hard floors, but my biggest frustration has been that they haven’t been able to lay flat so you can clean under low furniture.

Well, looks like Tineco has listened to my complaints in reviewing the Floor One S6 Pro Extreme, the Floor One S7 Pro, the iFloor 2 and the Floor One S5 Pro and added a 180º lay flat design to its latest unit, the Floor One Stretch S6.

This means I’ll finally be able to wash the floor under my bed. My wife will be thrilled.

(I’m joking. The robot vacuum does that for me.)

New features

While the ability to lay flat is a key component here, Tineco has added a few extra advancements here.

The clean water tank has been moved from the back down to the brush head, which makes the whole unit lighter and easier to control. The dirty tank has also been upgraded to separate solids from dirty liquid.

This means it tackles my second issue with these devices, in that cleaning the dirty water tank is grosser than just tipping out a dirty mop bucket.

Tineco has reduced the size of the edges so the brush gets even closer to the edges for a more thorough clean, and added mini assist wheels to help control the unit around awkwardly shaped furniture.

The other big new inclusion is the Flashdry self-cleaning system, which washes the brush with 70 degree water for two minutes to clean it, which is followed by a five minute drying cycle, which blows 70 degree air onto the brush while spinning it rapidly in both directions.

Being a Tineco device, you get iLoop, the large LCD that displays how dirty your floor is as it cleans. You also get 40 minutes worth of battery life, which is going to be enough to clean the hard floors in almost any regular Aussie home.

Pricing and availability

The Floor One Stretch S6 is available now at Amazon, for an RRP of $899.